Friday, July 13, 2012

Windows versus Mac - PC changes in ~10 years

The picture below was originally (at least when I first saw it like 10 years ago) the windows guy frustrated because "M$" was complicated and Apple was 'idiot proof'.

These days, as you can see, some people aren't satisfied with Apple devices (among others *cough cough SONY *cough*) because they are so closed down.

With Windows 8 and the whole Microsoft Surface/Tablet device raising concerns about a 'locked down' Microsoft hardware perhaps Android will be the cream that rises to the top.

I've known Apple Fanboys who agree with articles that say that Apple haven't brought anything much new to the table lately...I have had a Windows Mobile 7 phone (now 7.5) for years and see no reason to upgrade. Perhaps  I've had my technology fill? I'm not big into 'App's, 3D still seems a novelty to me and most new state of the art games have become too complex and involving to be fun for me anymore - though they are very impressive.

As you can see this image is from another site...

Note: When you close the bonnet of the Apple car it would flick the switch off :P


  1. As a Mac user myself, I know all too well what you mean. This is mostly because of Apple's monopoly on the OS though: they don't allow anyone to run OSX on anything that isn't an Apple computer, so the folks who build their own are pretty much stuck with Windows or Linux.
    I'd still love to see Linux make a rise in userbase.

  2. I'm with you completely in this man, the philosophy of Apple is one that's not economical or right, that's why I like Microsoft a lot more.

  3. Obviously the solution is Linux or perhaps even FreeBSD ;)