Saturday, January 14, 2012

So I tried out Windows 8...

To cut a long story short it was a jazzed up version of Windows 7 with a fancy 'Metro' "Start" menu...and windows explorer crashed and burned on me and never booted up again. There's nothing really I have to comment on about the operating system however the progress information during file transfers (a speed graph) is a neat feature which I haven't seen on Linux or Apple (although I'm sure someone can and will inform and correct me).

R.I.P Windows 8 Lenovo Netbook Australian Summer 2012 *Developers* Edition

And to top it off it was just about to finalize a work packet for Folding @ Home

Following that episode I tried out Ubuntu 11.10...and now Windows 7 has nearly installed over the top of that waste of time.

In short...can't wait for a commercial stable release of Windows 8 that will work on tablets, netbooks and 'smart' phones...Linux sorry it didn't work out, again.

Was anyone else following CES news? How about those 84" TV's and quad core tablets (which will be able to run Windows 8 :D)


  1. Windows eight doesn't sound that great man, I mean your post seems to say that there's no real difference between this and 7 asides from a few ones. It is interesting though, I'd definitely like to try it out for sure.

  2. 84" TV?? DO want!! sorry to hear of your op system troubles :(