Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping my word - Funds for Solar

Hey everyone,

I'm guessing most of you might be wondering what I am talking about.

When I begun this blog as a pastime and sort of like keeping a journal I recognized the potential to make a bit of money from it too. Hence the non-invasive (I hope) advertising hosted on my pages which I receive a percentage of when/if I strike it lucky (??) and create some content that attracts not only my regulars and followers but also new visitors and casual browsers.

Too my surprise not 12 months in from creation I was paid - Mmm incentive :D

Anyhow...from the very beginning I promised money generated would be used towards converting to Solar Power in efforts of removing my relevance on energy providers.

I was given a minimum payment...which isn't enough to do anything with, so it has been put into a safe lower interest bearing account so it is not only being put aside for it's purpose but slowly but surely getting me closer to the end goal.

Below is a picture of solar cells and rechargeable batteries I got out on a particular sunny day during the festive season which I hooked up to various electronics in attempts to get me more motivated to create the best content I can and provide it on a regular and ongoing basis :)

Please note that money generated from ads hosted on this site were not spent on this set up - The set up planned with proceeds from ad revenue will be a efficient system with a designated task which can have addition cells added to where more finance becomes available - One concept is to power a computer 24/7 which contributes to a distributed computing project such as Folding@Home


  1. That is really cool ! I am all for solar powered... stuff... and if you are going to use the extra money that your adds can get you to achieve this task then more power to you!

  2. This is actually great stuff man, solar power is definitely the way forward for sure buddy, very interesting as usual.

  3. That is great - I would LOOOOOVE to be able to convert my home.

  4. If you can pull it off correctly then powering a computer through solar really is a very smart investment!

  5. nice progressive thinking

    nice blog too feel free to check out mine

  6. Folding @ home would be a great way to use the green tech's power supply.

    Happy to see more people going green, in any case.

    Btw, -B-ook of The End is finished!

  7. Nice idea that, cheers for the comment on my page + following :)

  8. solar power is the future! Now following!

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