Saturday, June 18, 2011

I found these... collectible?

Hi everyone, I used to read A-LOT when I was younger - Disney Magazines, Mad Magazines, Nintendo Magazines, PC Magazines, Pro Wrestling Magazines, Computer Magazines and more Recently Music Magazines...and Comics

Funny thing is I'm a hoarder...but a good one - everything is neat and tidy and everything is in excellent condition. When my Cousin made a status of Facebook about comic books, I decided to take an inventory of mine.
The titles I have available are as follows:

The Simpsons Comics: #4 (Oct 1994), #12-23, #27, #28, #32, #36
Simpsons Comics Extravaganza (Issues 1-4)
Simpsons Comics Spectacular (Issues 6-9)
Bartman: #1 (August 1994)
Radioactive Man: #1 ('Nov 1952') 1994 sometime
Treehouse of Horror: #1 (Jan 1996), #2, #4

Bartman meets Radioactive Man: #3 (Jan 1995)
'Special Collector's Edition' Comics + Stories: (September 1998?)

Turok Dinosaur Hunter: #2 August 1993
Ninjak: #6 September 1994
Spider-Man: #65 February 1996
Superman: #78 June 1993 (No Poster)
100 Bullets: September 2008 (#93 ??)
Stephen King The Stand Sketchbook: 2008
Spider-Man loves mary jane: Season 2 No 1 October 2008
Two-Face: #1 September 2008
Currently seeking personal (free) valuations, and any offers for sale in AUD (Australian Dollar).
Here is a sample photo to show the condition of the products.


  1. those comics are awesome, i love comic books

  2. I am sure they are collectible somewhere. lol.

  3. Had no idea The Stand was a comic too. That's cool.

  4. Hey! I have those from the Simpsons ;P