Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology shaping the future, thanks to the internet

eG8, or #eG8 if you're a Twitter user.

What is it? Well it's acknowledging that...

"In just a few years the Internet has enabled us to realize the dreams of Enlightenment philosophers, making our store of knowledge accessible to the widest possible audience. Democracy and human rights have been reinforced, States have been incited to greater transparency and, in some countries, oppressed peoples have been empowered to make their voices heard and to act collectively in the name of freedom"

...this forum is a 2011 event in Paris, with the world watching, thanks to technology. The technology expert panelists include personalities such as Eric Schmidt who has worked for such technology giants as Apple, Xerox, Novell, Sun Microsystems (leading Java development) and CEO of Google until recently when the companies co-founder Larry Page resumed this position.

Eric Schmidt has been quoted as saying:

"‎"Technology will move faster than governments, so don't legislate before you understand the consequences"

Which is really insightful and intelligent; it demonstrates the years of experience, industry insight and common sense. I find it really comforting that there are powerful, very influential people that have their sights on positive, REAL change without wasting time and resources on screwing around with politics. I particularly welcome these giant leaps in the right direction, especially considering leading technology companies realize to satisfy consumer demand they have to be environmentally friendly...and as SONY will tell you, are mindful of privacy and allowing freedom in both hardware and software.

A calendar of topics is available at the link below, you can also watch views and learn more about the forum at the link.


Check it out, you're on the internet, you're a part of this!


  1. unfortunately freedom of information on the web is trying to be controlled by corrupt powers

  2. with technology moving fast, the governments are going to have to keep up and implementing laws and stuff.

  3. Fascinating stuff! I believe as the access to the internet has grown, the intelligence of people using it has decreased.

  4. While the internet does allow the rapid spreading of ideas, the need for instant gratification generated by this will perhaps be our downfall.

  5. Well, i think only bad mooves will come out of this from our gouvernements :\

  6. "‎Technology will move faster than governments, so don't legislate before you understand the consequences"
    Wise words. We've got a lot of Luddites to combat for internet freedom.