Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution"

Does everybody know who Jamie Oliver is? He is a British cook that got a television spot over 10 years ago. Yes some may recall the respectable, family man chef was once the "Naked Chef" and took girls home to cook them a greasy midnight snack after a night on the town.

These days Jamie has a whole stack of books, other TV ventures, a cooking product range and his own "food revolution" going on. He met with the Queen to talk about providing healthy menus in British Schools - He made a TV show about it, I stopped watching very early on, perhaps even before the end of the first show (which suspiciously came out around the same time as "Super size me"). The problem tend to like sweets, not vegetables, who knew right?

Hot off the tails of books like "Jamie Does USA", and his "30 minute meals" show aired over summer here in Australia...Jamie took his "Food Revolution" in a new direction. Calling America kids fat, public school mothers working in kitchens bad cooks, and handing out lessons in business to those with no problem with their business (besides that it could be a healthier menu).

This guy seriously irritates me. Don't get me wrong a real food revolution would be a tremendous human achievement...but it wouldn't be associated to just one person, but rather the entire world. Instead of telling wealthy people watching commercial television how to make desserts, a real food revolution would teach people how to manage a food crop and provide the food to those that were in need.

Bring on a real Food Revolution and get rid of Jamie Oliver, who, I say is merely exploiting a true cause for his own gain. He is an enterprising man, I mean his name IS A Brand! But positive change in this world doesn't need another greedy, wealthy person of influence not doing enough for the greater good.

Have a think about this please, I'd like to see a different strategy...and to see Jamie reduced to very little, so he appreciates the little things in life - Not his silly pursuit of power.

Jamie Olivers Revolution site:


  1. I like Jamie Oliver, he made real progress highlighting how bad school lunches for children was and pushed for healthier meals (in UK).

    Who care's if he gains some extra celeb status or more exposure for his 'brand' in the US, if he's pursuing this for selfish claims who cares? surely the end result is more important than personal disdain and that is improving people's health.

    anyway, nice post. I enjoyed reading it, and commenting :P.

  2. I do kind of like that show. lol.

  3. I've never watched the show as I don't enjoy reality TV. I do think the use of "revolution" is a bit over the top and pretentious.