Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recycling in Motels?

Well I'm kicking back this afternoon with a cool drink and I get thinking about something - Why don't motel rooms have recycling?

Okay why am I thinking of this very specific subject? Well I'm due for a well earned and in all seriousness, overdue, vacation. I often visit Melbourne because my brother lives there and I stay at a usual motel on Lygon Street Carlton. I find motels I like and stay with them, this also includes when I'm staying in Sydney, Griffith and Parramatta.

I've stayed at a lot of places over the years and one thing that I realized just before is none provide recycling in the rooms. In these modern times I am surprised that this is the case. Despite the episode on Penn and Teller's Bullshit! Recycling in Australia makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that this whole time I've stayed at these places I've never thought of this. I've thought about other logistical aspects of the innkeeper industry like all the water, electricity, and electrical equipment...I've even thought about all the phone directories big cities have, but never recycling.

I think it's about time one of the major motel chains stood up and did this. Just think of a say multi-level complex fully booked out and all the recycling that gets tossed out as general rubbish. Perhaps the positive change would actually make accommodation more affordable.

What's everyone think? Recycling is pretty much everywhere these days, have you ever known a motel to provide these facilities?


  1. Never been in a motel but shouldn't it be required by law or something?

  2. You'll probably find it's very common for yourself to start seeing hundreds of different places and businesses who should be recycling now. Anywhere that's recycling makes a point that they're doing it so it's certainly weird that it came to your mind that hotels weren't offering this.

    I remember once being in a motel that used the rainwater from their roof for the flushing system on all their toilets so don't give up faith in the entire motel industry just yet! :)

  3. Recycling is pretty much everywhere, but it could be the case that they do have it, but you don't know, or that they've simply never thought of it.

  4. I have not been in a Motel for almost ten years!!

  5. That happens because even if the motel facilitates recycling dumps for their costumers, it doesnt mean all of them will use them, wich will be counterproductive at the end.

  6. Recycling at a minimum, composting for extra points. In Seattle (admittedly kinda granola up here) all food service is mandated to be compostable. Most places have 3 trash bins now. Garbage, recycle and compost. We are not messing around here. I've seen similar outside super hippy grocery stores down in San Diego.