Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making extra income with RewardsCentral (Aus only?)

Well I've been using it for years, like 5 years now. The website formerly known as Email Cash. It's a website where you earn points by doing quick surveys, detailed surveys, clicking ads, viewing emails and by shopping with rewards partners...there are also a few games of chance that you can risk your earnings on.

My referral (I will make 200points for every person I refer who makes 400 points) link is HERE

...or you can visit the regular site at www.rewardscentral.com.au

100 points = $1, however you can only cash out (direct debit, or cheque...or donation to charity) at $30 or $100 - And there's a processing fee of 300 points ($3) for $30 cash out or 100 points ($1) for $100 cash out.

One nifty thing about this site is that there is an e-bank which earns interest on any points you have I have enough for a $30 cash out but I have it in the e-bank making better interest than what the leading banks offer, and on a deposit amount they'd never touch!

Generally speaking you can earn a minimum of 2 points every day by opening a 'web click' link, every so often I will be offered a quick survey (answer one question) earning 3 points, a lot of emails have been coming through lately it seems with the offer of 5 or 10 points for every one you open...it literally takes a couple of seconds to do.

If I get a regular, full length survey and I'm in the mood and the subject matter doesn't bore me to death I will fill them out. They are generally worth a few dollars...I've done one in the past that paid $20! Which I then invested in the e-bank at like 8% interest.

What I do is do my little ritual of visiting the site daily and getting the easy money than investing it in the e-bank, by Christmas time I have a nice little bonus :)

Check it out yourself, however, I believe it is restricted to only Australia

Good luck!


  1. Same here buddy, it's not available for me right now. I'm glad you're making full use of it though man.

  2. I don't really like doing surveys, especially one I'd get paid to do, it just makes me more suspicious about it.

  3. I was using Neobux and onBux. But neobux is not more attractive and the other failed.

  4. Just got my check for over $500.

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