Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 1

I remember first playing this game sometime just after I turned 13. It was a game I had always desired because it broke the rules and you could do as you liked. There was plenty of action and fun things to do other than what the story was telling you to.

One of my favorite things to do was go on a massive crime spree.

The missions were fun and I liked that there were 'hidden' jobs to do. The simple look and feel of the game I really enjoyed.

I have this game on PC and PlayStation (And I never owned a original PS), as well as London Mission Packs for 1969 (didn't realize until recently there were more). I went on to get GTA 2 which is a game I never really played much...but I should. I also have GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas for PS2 and I never liked the fact that PSP got Liberty City Stories because I've never been prepared to buy a PSP...which worked out good when both Liberty City and Vice City Stories came out for PS2 and I got them both too.

I got out of gaming a bit in recent years but I have played Chinatown Wars on Nintendo DS and I do have a copy of GTAIV that I've never gotten myself into.

To be completely honest I'd be satisfied with extensions and mods for the older games including 1, 3 and Vice City...my clear favorites.


  1. I'm not a big fan of GTA 4, i think it just lost the fun element.

  2. I remember the first GTAs being so much fun, one because of the mayhem you could cause, and two cos they were sort of "controversial" and "forbidden"

  3. gta 1 was cash, i remember that i found out that you can enter a vehicle with pressing enter :P OMG, shit was cash..

  4. Still playing GTA 4! It never gets old! lol.

  5. This game was hell of fun. GTA2 was great as well... eye candy!

  6. I remember this on my original computer. IMO best GTA was Vice City