Saturday, May 14, 2011

Australian Budget Announced - Here are the black spots. Part I

The Australian Federal treasurer Wayne Swann announced this week what Australian's would be looking at for this next financial year, in other words, where is money coming in, how can we hold onto more of it and what requires money?

According to

Australia is in the red financially speaking like many other places in the World, but ours isn't as bad as some.

Australian's want to have surplus money in the Federal purse, therefore a strategy to cut costs is required.

Firstly the Labor Government tries to relax the nation, labeling the Country as being wealthy and the proposed measures aren't that hard to live with. The Labor government in the past term went on a spending spree, now they're telling every day Australians to relax because they can afford to have money taken from them! Arrgh!

In Appendix C of the link above it outlines the "disposable" income of Households - A way of skimming off the fat is what Labor have done, people don't need all that money - We're going to take it and spread it to those "held back". Great, no wonder students in public schools don't care about becoming educated and successful - Why bother when the government will use your extra time and efforts to support someone that may not have put as much effort in at the first place?

I don't go into the Medicare Levy, as I've heard of horror stories from the U.S where people didn't have to bother having healthcare than something bad happened. Personally I'm glad this system is in place.

The employment section is where things really start to kick off with millions being over a few years with expectations of a stronger workforce. Okay that's not so bad so long as it is implemented well. One thing I will say is that $14.2 million is being spent on is expanding training packages for job seekers in numeracy, literacy and language, with a total of $67 million being spent on this up to and including 2013/14 financial years.

^^Does this mean that public education institutes are spitting out people that can't count or read and Australians pay for them to learn these vital skills multiple times? Or are new Australian residents more employable and looking for work more than others?

Either way, I consider that a lot of money for this exercise. On the other hand it promotes social inclusion, and parts of Australia need this.

In the 2011/12 budget $42 million dollars is being allocated to a mysterious "Renewable Enregy Future Fund". What is this exactly? The link above doesn't really provide an explanation. Is this the controversial Carbon Tax that Julia Gillard's Government announced...after announcing this tax would not be imposed before the election? Or was it money for the Solar Technology which is financing cheaper, more effective solar panel systems?


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