Sunday, May 1, 2011

Expectations of Nintendo 2011

When I was 4 my brother and I got a NES for Christmas, I went on to get a Gameboy, SNES, N64, DS and Wii.

Sometime around the year 2000 and 2001 (when I was14/15) Nintendo lost my interest and I got a PS2 in 2002 (or maybe it was 2003).

I found the games to be built around being child friendly in most cases and made with experimental "new" graphics, Mortal Kombat 4 illustrates my point, it is an early '3D' game and it has dated badly, whilst original arcade versions look great and can be a lot of fun and challenging as well as being some of my favorite games.

I do have newer Nintendo products as they do have some gems, but the handful don't really warrant a need to own the systems.

Seeing as Nintendo are planning a new machine for 2012 I thought I might list some things I think Nintendo should do to get back in the game.

I really believe a machine that is a Nintendo tablet console could work. A smallish screen 10" say, that had RCA/HDMI out so it could sit next to a display and be interfaced with a wireless, 'traditional' controller which should be a hybrid of the SNES/N64/3DS controllers, which could implement Motion Plus if desired.

If the controller could attach to the tablet like keyboards for other tablets/slates/pads it would become a portable device.

Seeing as these would be plugged into televisions a built-in (or sold separate) PVR should be implemented, to increase the functionality of the device.

Of course it should have network capabilities and ability to navigate the internet with ease, and well all the functions good netbooks/tablets are capable of today.

Last but not least they need content to play, good content...content like they used to have in 90's but accelerated to meet the demands of today, without compromising quality to churn titles out.


  1. I remember getting the N64 and I thought it couldnt get any better than that! lol.

  2. I totally agree with you. they need to make a new system thats BASCIALLY a portable tablet computer that is either handheld or can be hooked up to a TV ! great idea! gotta send that one into Nintendo! maybe get a buck or two for your ideas!

  3. N64 is the greatest console in history!

  4. Hmm a tablet, a nice thought, but I like playing on bigger screens :D

  5. I think that sounds like a great idea! If you can plug it up to your TV, you pretty much have a portable console, that you can take away with you anywhere. Jeez, that'd make nights at airport hotels SO much better! You'd see business execs the world over buying them, for sure!