Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Evolving Blog

Hi everyone, I'm gaining followers and loving it. As a sign of my appreciation I have done us both a favor...updated the look and feel of this blog!

New visitors can now see what this blog is all about with a list of my most popular entries, there is also a visitor counter and browsing past entries is now easier with a more effective archiving scheme.

To celebrate I have registered for a PokerStars freeroll tournament that has $150 of prize money on offer.

You might be aware that On April 20th (toke on lulz) 2011, control of the Pokerstars.com domain name was returned to the company from the US Attorney's office, "to facilitate the withdrawal of U.S. players’ funds held in account with the companies."

^^This has not affected me as I am in Australia, and I'm playing a free tournament with real money as prizes.

During this tournament I will maintain a blog of what's happening at the table and what's going through my mind - This will be close to real-time with edits to the original blog (so this place doesn't get littered with new entries).

Starts in about 20 minutes, wish me luck :)

Also, here's a picture I enjoyed and want to share


  1. Good luck on the tourney! Being in the states, I was upset to see my favorite poker site go down, and my massive amounts of money ($5) disappear...

  2. Everything's looking very good! =]

  3. Thanks everyone :)

    I'm not sure where I found the picture of the cat originally, sorry. Try the usual sources for LOLCATs