Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to set up a blog website

Hey I noticed when I typed into Google search "how to set up" that 'website' and 'blog' were suggestions made by Google, therefore they must be somewhat popular searches.

I'll be honest, if I can create a blog and maintain it for a considerable amount of time anybody can match that :P

I've been blogging with Google Blogspot (Blogger) for around 5 years now however I only really got into it last year because I realised the potential to earn some potential passive income via ad hosting.

Google have made the process of having a website or a blog as easy as creating an account and creating pages...which is like creating any other word processing document, as well as having options to link to YouTube videos, images (upload or direction to image that is online) and text options...not to mention options on how the blog itself actually looks!

I created my first website with Geocities...anyone remember that?

I would encourage anyone that likes to share thoughts, ideas, findings, and anything worth documenting should create a blog...I would remind anyone interested to just be mindful that people will be able to view what you have posted - Some may not agree with your opinion, so if you're intending to be offensive confess to it upfront.

If you have a blog existing or just created I invite you to follow me as I generally will follow back those that have interesting blogs :)


  1. I remember Geocities buddy, while I understand it did turn out to be a financial failure I wish they'd managed to hold onto it, just for nostalgia. I really like your blog though at times I have a lot of blogs to read and can't read in depth as much as I'd like to (say for example if you posted three times at once I'd only be able to read the first one posted), but I hope you never stop and keep up with the good works my Aussie friend.

  2. No doubt on the how easy blogging is. I've been at it since 06, though didn't really dedicate much time and effort to getting content up until last year. I think the hardest thing is having something to say.

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