Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On M.I.A + the Superbowl + Bad Girls + More

Well I couldn't mention M.I.A (previous entry) without commenting on the whole Superbowl incident - her 'finger malfunction' :P where M.I.A flipped a camera/s the bird during her performance at the half time show with Madonna and Nicki Minaj.

I'm not read up on any statement she or her record label may have made but I can't help but think she did it perhaps to promote her new single 'Bad Girls'.

A few initial comments (as I said I'm not well read up on the story) on news stories about her obscene gesture stated that they had never heard of it's been super effective in some regards :P

I've actually been a fan of M.I.A for years - I like Sunshowers, Galang, Boyz and obviously Paper Planes :) And seeing her live at the 2011 Big Day Out in Sydney Australia was a highlight.

Looking at the comments on the video I can't help but feel her particular genius is still flying over a lot of people's heads...or perhaps I am just interpreting everything wrong.

Of course there are sensitive people running off their mouths without really thinking about the message this honest and talented artist is conveying.

Also, the fact her 'Born Free' music video was banned from popularized and commercial websites is just another reason to like her :)


  1. Born Free is a great song and music video but although I am a huge MIA fan her actions at the SuperBowl was obviously done to draw attention to herself and that's actually okay in my opinion, why shouldn't she do it, it's worked and got people talking at least. MIA is awesome! Sorry to hear about her splitting with her fiance though, they seemed so happy together.

  2. Her "particular genius"? I'm seriously hoping you have half an ounce of anything to back that up. For some samplings of her "genius" lets review some lyrics.

    All I wanna do is (gunshot noise followed by a cash register) and take your money. If find me at the border I got visas in my name, I'll get one done in a second if you wait.

    I can see how singing about being a hardened criminal is a particular genius. I totally get that, no yeah not its not.

    Next up Born free, controversial but I've seen half-life fan films that carry the same basic message and better acting. So it's fairly well worn content, presented in somewhat mediocre fashion by someone that aspires to be a criminal.

    Nuff said, genius she ain't

  3. convictus I always took 'paper Planes' to be about how immigrants are seen (by some people) as bad people that take everyone's I said maybe I'm wrong but there's a particular genius - Her work is open to interpretation. Another element of it? If it's a song about that, it's been made into a popular song - No easy feat.

  4. I love her 'Paper planes'! It's an amazing song.