Friday, February 24, 2012

Metal Gear Auction Price - NES

Someone just bought the 'original' copy of 'Metal Gear' (Released March 1988) for the Nintendo Entertainment System for $AU85 and $AU6 postage - About $97.50 US Dollars at the time of writing.

Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection for XBOX360/PS3 is selling for $AU69 (expensive? Well...yeah :( Australian gamer) and is essentially 3 games in one...

...So, Can't beat the classics? Nostalgia O.D? Work of art?

Personally I think some of each :)

I remember how difficult this game was, especially without the map, instructions or things like the internet for walk-through's, cheats or assistance...and because this game wasn't highly popular at the time (I think a certain magazine *cough* Nintendo Magazine System *cough cough* gave it a rating of something like 56%

The Angry Video Game Nerd (do a video search) has even reviewed this game as well, with plenty of criticisms :P

Anyhow for anyone that has this game or are interested in an auction price for a complete set (box, manual, map, dust jacket, and cart) here is a screen capture for evidence. Note the time and date is Australia Eastern Standard Time.


  1. I'm kind of surprised at the massive price of this, well not really I guess. It's kind of cool to see games turn into antiques almost.