Saturday, February 18, 2012

Extracting Juice from Oranges

I finally have my juice extractor at my place. I always figured it took up too much room and it was a pain to prepare product for and cleaning up afterwards.

Well as I have been drinking a lot of orange juice lately, I figure the long life stuff on the shelf is sort of weird when fresh is available, and that the fresh stuff is a bit steep for what you get. I'm talking about $5-6 for 1.5L-2L of so-called fresh Orange Juice in the chilled section of major grocery stores/supermarkets.

A 3kg bag of Valencia Oranges was like $3.50 or something, so I decided I could perhaps do better myself.

What do you think? I'll let the pictures I took (below) do the talking :) Make sure you keep an eye on my blog (I know you all do anyway right? ;P ) as I have some other pictures associated with this entry.

I cleaned these up a bit, removing the pith...though the machine would have taken care of it :)

Ready for Juice Extraction

The end result 


  1. Mmm, fresh juice man is awesome, I love it.

  2. looks good, the long lasting suff on the shelf is weird, read about it. They do stuff to strip all the oxygen to prevent it from breaking down, but that removes all the flavor so they have to add "flavor" the flavor is made the same way perfume is and each brand has it's own. Super gross and I imagine bad for you.


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