Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jay-Z 'Occupy's opportunity to ca$h in

In the news this evening Jay-Z (who? lol j/k he's some form of entertainer to particular audiences) has been criticized for selling 'Occupy Wall St' themed shirts and they have been taken down for sale (AKA everyone wanting one now).

I wondered what caused the criticism that lead to taking the item of the shelves (online store)...perhaps a lot of Wall St. "Suits" are big Jay-Z aficionado's and took offense? Hmm maybe...Perhaps more likely, a faceless corporation affiliated with Jay-Z, such as SONY, had board members that wanted to 'stick it' to 'Occupy' supporters and removed the shirts from sale.

I was off on both assumptions - What was I thinking? The criticism came from 'Occupy' supporters and general observation that Jay-Z et al. would be making MONEY from the sales. Jay-Z and his crew are trying to piggyback on the notoriety of others...probably sourcing garments from sweat shops and investing the high profit margin into financing corporate scum - All from a notion that this kind of behavior is wrong.

It makes me think of Che Guevara, his approach to popular/consumer culture, and how the iconic image of his face is sloganized on all sorts of commercial merchandise.

Because my readers also like a bit of video footage, and I'd never seen a Che Guevana video before I figured I'd share a video I found uploaded by someone on YouTube - A poem read by Che Guevara, written by 'A desperate man'  w/ Enlgish Subtitles.


  1. This is all very strange buddy, this whole Occupy thing is just one big melt to me! Great poem from Che too, what an absolute legend.

  2. He just wants racks on racks on racks, with stacks on stacks on stacks.. Money

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