Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian is a loser

Well something sure has ended my struggle with writers block - Kim Kardashian.

"News" broke recently (today?) that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from whoever agreed to marry her (a New Jersey NBA player?). I obviously don't see in Kim what the leagues of others seem to. The marriage that lasted the whole of what? 72 days is just another reason I dislike this horrible celebrity.

I, like many others I'm sure, had never even heard of this person until her sex tape started doing the rounds on the internet. I don't know who did the marketing of that video but attaching the name to it did wonders for her success it would seem.

She later went on to star in a flurry of bad television and movies as well as promoting perfume and, again I guess, beauty products for self conscious people.

Her Twitter account is like one tacky billboard strategically tweeting product brands, places or people. Considering she has just under 11 million followers, what she says publicly to these followers COULD be positive, but instead they seem to be shallow sales pitches for crap people don't need.

What irritates me is that her wedding was reportedly paid for with 500 guests, designer attire as well as income from the freak-show such as exclusive 'stories' and photographs.

The whole thing is ridiculous, I really hope that people stop and think for what reason they even acknowledge the existence of this parasite. Gay couples are fighting for their right to marry the person they love, all the while this person in the spotlight makes the whole institution of marriage look like a joke.

I believe it was Elizabeth Taylor that was asked to make comment on Kim Kardashian on a recent episode of 60 Minutes who sort of tip toed around the matter - I'll put my foot down and say that Kim Kardashian is trying to capitalize on mirroring herself on successful this case, sacrificing dignity for being the flavor of the month photo on the front cover of magazines and getting some publicity.

Kim is in her 30's now, she exhibits NONE of the traits of a truly successful person. She isn't a 'strong' woman, she doesn't even seem to have any self respect. If this sort of character is what anyone admires and aspires to be...I say if the end is nigh, it isn't nigh enough...


  1. Ha ha!! I'm like you buddy. I always thought you had to have a reason to celebrate a celebrity's life, like a talent or a contribution to society. In this day in age all you have to is generate enough income for a company or product.


  2. I agree completely with you about Kardashian. She's a disgusting human being and this whole marriage thing, which is an obvious ploy for attention is sickening, she's spitting all over the sacred relevance of marriage, and for what?

  3. She is ridiculous, but you and everyone keep talking about her. Ignore it and it will go away.

  4. It is such a joke that she is famous. There are people doing wonderful things in this world, who tirelessly work for humanity. There are people suffering everywhere. And all we hear about is this narcisstic superficial self absorbed woman who has contributed absolutely nothing to society. She has no talent and offers nothing.

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