Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letterman's Top Ten List September 19 2011

Firstly I love David Letterman, and I've watched him for years. I know people that don't like the program but I honestly can't see how you couldn't. It's great entertainment - I don't watch it nearly as much as I used to though :/ Hopefully I'll change that around.

Secondly, sorry if this blog entry is a bit of an 'ordinary' topic but I can't think of anything else I'd rather talk about right now :) The topic was Top Ten Highlights Of Barack Obama's Deficit Plan, I changed the channel to The Late Show just as he was wrapping up the segment, I saw #2 (lulz) and it made me laugh so I looked up the list online. Here it is...

Top Ten Highlights Of Barack Obama's Deficit Plan

10.Pay everything off with a giant bake sale on the White House lawn
9.New 10,000% tax on waffles -- no way people are giving up their waffles!
8.Congressional Super Committee now reports to even more powerful Super Duper Committee
7.Medicare no longer covers ass X-rays
6.From now on, quarters are worth twenty-six cents
5.Change the definition of the word 'deficit'
4.Seniors must wait until they're 112 before they can collect Social Security
3.Open more post offices -- those places are money machines!
2.Congressmen must pay hookers in cash
1.Jets giving three and a half in Cincy -- it's like found money

Strangely enough #7 got me thinking about how many people go to hospital because they got something stuck up their ass, and who pays for it. 

#4 hit home because the revised age of retirement in Australia went up to 67 not that long ago (a year or two?), whereas other countries have a lower retirement age - I seem to recall outcry when Frances went up.

#3 I'm not sure how to take...is it tongue in cheek about how post offices are set to become more and more obsolete and that there's less need for them in modern society, or is it a crack at the prices set at post offices? Either way there's something in it to laugh at :)

What do you think of this list? Do you enjoy Letterman? If not care to explain why not exactly?


  1. Lmao. I don't watch much of Letterman but this list is pretty funny so I can't exactly deny the man's genius.

  2. His humor is very dry.

    Personally i think Conan O'Brian is the king of late night comedy

  3. This is actually a decent plan, and would work well, I just don't really see people rallying to stand behind it lol.