Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Hey everyone,

The weekend just past I went shopping (more browsing than anything else). I was hoping for a little bit of retail therapy, but as usual I didn’t see anything that I wanted or needed, not even gifts for other people. Ah well.

One thing that I did look at was Christmas decorations. No your calendar isn’t wrong, it is in fact still September. I have a really soft spot for Christmas, as I have gotten older I appreciate the time off work and being around family more than anything else…although the presents I do get are nice too :)

Every year I go out of town to a bigger city to do Christmas shopping, and most years I can remember I’ve always looked at the new decorations. This year it seemed to be bigger is better, with massive plastic trees and ornaments to suit. My family has always had a small tinsel tree that fits on a wooden chest we have in one of the living rooms near the door. It’s easy to set up and when it’s not Christmas it takes up minimal space. These days I have my own place with a tree that is the same size.

I was thinking that the reason the Christmas stuff is already out on shop floors taking up room is because to buy one of the things most people would have to save up the money to afford the things, it’s crazy!
When I got home I was in the Christmas mood (not a good sign) and so I watched Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics on DVD. Oh man I love that episode of South Park.

I wonder when supermarkets will replace their same old song catalogue with Christmas Carols, I remember when I worked in a Supermarket that around Christmas was almost torture with bad carols, and people that go crazy buying up a month’s worth of supplies because the supermarket will be closed for a whole one day on Christmas. I really despise over consumption but as I said I have a weak spot for Christmas. Now all there’s to do is to consider what to buy my family for Christmas and what I want so I can start to drop hints… 


  1. We don't do much decorating here at my dads house, but my mum and sisters do a lot. I like them really. I love going past a house with decorations all over it.

  2. Sorry I'm a little dowdy on the pagan holiday we call Christmas. I like presents though.

  3. It's crazy places are already stocking Christmas decorations. It's only 90 days away so I suppose it won't be long coming around!

  4. I think the happier persons on x-mas are the store owners, and that is why they cant wait 3 months.

  5. I dont even know why they take em down anymore.


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