Thursday, August 25, 2011

Essential Game #00001: Practically any The Legend of Zelda title

Hey everyone,

I just watched an awesome video of an chalk artist doing a nice image of Link on his horse (whats-its-name) using his skills. I'll post it, but first I'll share with you my experiences :P

I have had a NES since just before I was 5 years old. Truth be told when me and my brother got this for Christmas one year I don't think I even knew what it was. I soon found out that it played games on the TV. We recently got a new TV, it was a 68cm color television that had no remote and you had to tune in channels with dials and there was a total of 12 channels that were programmable (this became 11 when button seven got

Anyhow, my dad set it up and fired up the baby. WOW! I was hooked immediately, the first challenge, if you fall down a hole, you lose, but I have a few more chances to do's not game over - A screen which must have come soon afterwards!

The day after Christmas we always visited my Dad's mum. Somehow the NES came with us...I can't remember if me or my brother insisted, or if it was a genius idea from mum or dad to have something for the kids to do....heh heh.

It was just around 6pm when the trouble started - Grandma wanted to watch the news, I think as a team my brother and I had reached the first castle, which I probably figured was the last level of the game back then. An argument ensued :P Ending with my Grandma unplugging the infernal thing and shoving it back in its box and adding something like "it's in the box, and it's to stay in the box. It's doing damage to my TV"

Ahh classic.

Now back to Zelda, my brother and I rented it for $5 for 3 days from the local video library a fair few times. As I recall it, the local toy shop did have the game but it was expensive for young kids to save up for - $80 if I recall correctly. My brother ended up getting it for me as a birthday present one year, and I played it on and off for years until finally finishing it without any cheats, or strategy guidance besides one or two kids who played it talking about it.

Over the years we got Zelda on the Gameboy, and Zelda on N64, and I've played Zelda's on SNES, the DS and Wii and although I no longer play many games, Zelda is one game that stays true to its origins and is truly a great brand and I love that it's still with Nintendo

Here's the video :)


  1. That is amazing! I wish I had that kind of skill with the chalk. lol.

  2. The horse is called Epona ^^ Zelda games are an essential.

  3. impressive work, zelda is a little (okay a lot)more meh for me. Played the first one all the way through once didn't bother with a "true" win on the second time around. Never played another one in the franchise.

  4. That guy is talented!!

  5. Poor Grandma, not understanding how life and death video games were.

  6. Nes was my first console too, i think my first zelda game was a link to the past on the Snes, classic game.

  7. Great video man. Some very interesting posts on your Blogspot in general. Definitely going to have to follow.

  8. never came around to play zelda actually. but my friends keep bugging me that i should ^^