Friday, July 8, 2011

'Bricks and Mortar' stores selling printed books - Going the way of the Dodo?

Hey, sorry for my absence of late and blah blah blah...

Today my thoughts are on books, from an early age I read, and was read to...I have a quite large collection of books and assorted periodicals that I've accumulated over the years. One of the first things visitors to my place is my fully stocked bookcase with books covering many different subjects...but particularly non-fiction reference items.

Things are changing, by coincidence I was at my local library today. One person was reading the complimentary newspaper and the rest were making use of the internet enabled PC's, whilst I looked at most things whilst attempting to avoid the attention of, well everyone...the silence is deafening and it unsettles me, it just makes me wonder what's behind the facial expressions of others :P

Anyhow in Australia the bookshop giants Angus and Robertson and Borders stores "...have been closed or are closing as a result of the Voluntary Administration restructure" according to the official sites of both.

From what I understand, it's not e-books that are completely the reason for this. Instead I think it is the combination of cheap online books, the strong Australian Dollar, ready access to free information via the internet including "easier" mediums such as videos or image 'infographics'...but Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle aren't doing anything to help 'traditional' book sales either.

It's not all bad though, think of the paper and ink everyone's saving, we just have to make sure the internet and all connected devices are powered in a sustainable and clean way...

On a related note the most recent book purchase of mine was "The Shulgin Index" signed and personalized by 'Sasha' himself! 

My Dymocks Bookstore (the big book shop that have yet to topple) gift card of $40 that I recieved at Xmas however, is yet to be used. I can only hope they can offer a title I want, and do it before the card expires, or the company does...whatever comes first.

As always I like to include a picture. This time it's a closed bookstore.


  1. I honestly don't think print bookstores will ever completely disappear. But there certainly won't be as many as there once were.

  2. Thats what my college bookstore looks like! lol.

  3. So sad that the business of books is going to basically die like that. We will only have used book stores soon, and they will have to charge HUGE prices just to stay open. Oh well, I guess it is like those shoe shine guys who used to be on every street cornor. now shoes are so cheap you would spend less to just get a new pair.

  4. most new books in the future will be read on tablets i bet

  5. It's sad in a way, but eventually things progress. I just don't see the need when Amazon is at your fingertips and it's generally the cheapest option as well.

  6. I'll always prefer classic books over stuff like the Kindle. Reading on e-books doesn't have the same charm that I get when I read actual books.

  7. I really hope bookstores don't disappear. I love the smell of actual books and seeing them before buying them. ebooks or online stores are just not the same.

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