Sunday, May 29, 2011

Australian Media Drama-Bomb

The Carbon Tax in's a Labor Government initiative despite what the leader said just before the Federal Election in 2010.

Now there are ads on TV trying to sell everyone that it's required, not so bad and is worth doing starting in 2012.

One of the people selling it is celebrity Cate Blanchett, who is now being criticized for selling a tax to everyday Australian's when she is rich and it doesn't have the impacts on her as it does on them. Labor supporters and extreme environmentalists are suggesting that coverage of the fallout is done so by trashy newspapers.

At this stage it seems more people think it is news worthy than those complaining about its coverage. The evidence of this is all the web trends such as on Twitter, where an outpouring of public opinion is occurring. Personally I love these heated debates, especially on matters that I have my own opinions on.

She even looks like a hipster that pretends they know/care about the environment.